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works: orchestral

MUSIC IN DARK TIMES3 fl (3rd doubling picc), 3 ob (3rd doubling E.hn), cl 2 doubles cl in A, cl 3 doubles bs cl and cl in Eb, 3 bsn (3rd doubling Dbl. Cbsn); 4 hn, 3 tr in C, 3 tromb, tuba, 3 perc; str16'KM2005-8
TWO LYRIC PIECESsolo vIolin and string orchestra12'KM2005
SYMPHONY NO. 2 (Elegies and Fanfares)3 fl (3rd doubling picc), 3 ob (3rd doubling E.hn), 3 cl (3rd doubling bs cl), 3 bsn (3rd doubling Dbl. Cbsn); 4 hn, 3 tr in C, 3 tromb, tuba, 3 perc, hp, pf; str20'KM2004
CLARINET CONCERTOsolo clarinet, 2 fl, 2 ob (2nd doubling E.hn), 2 bsn, 2 horns, hp, str19-20'KM2002
Fanfare for the Voice of A-M-E-R-I-C-Abrass (3-4-3-1), timpani, and percussion (3)3'KM2002
SPIRITUALS string orchestra18'KM2000
TRIPLE OVERTUREsolo violin, cello and piano; 2/picc-2-2-2;2-2-0-0;timp,perc(2),hp;str12'KM1998
SERENADE CONCERTANTE 2 solo violins;hp;str16'KM1998
VIOLA CONCERTOsolo viola; 2-2-2-2;2-2-0-0;timp,perc(2),hp,pf;str20'KM1996
CELLO CONCERTOsolo cello; 2-2-2-2;2-2-0-0;timp;str21'KM1994
VIOLIN CONCERTOsolo violin; 2-2-2-2;2-2-0-0;timp,perc;str21'KM1993
DIRGE AND AWAKENING2-2-2-2;4-2-0-0;timp,perc(2),hp,pf;str9'KM1992
PIANO CONCERTOsolo piano; 2-2/E.hn-2/b.cl-2;4-2-2-0;timp,perc,hp;str23'KM1992
SERENADEstring orchestra17'KM1990
ODE (1st movement of SERENADE)string orchestra10'KM1990
SYMPHONY NO.12/picc-2-2/Eb.cl-2;4-2-3-1;timp,hp;str21'KM1989
HARMONIUM: SIX POEMS OF WALLACE STEVENSsolo soprano; 2/picc-2-2/b.cl-2;4-2-2-0;timp,perc,hp,cel;str20'KM1981
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